LEAGUES PRIZE GIVING 2020 After waiting for the evolution of the current situation during these months since the reopening of Casino Marbella last June 2020, we are sorry to inform you that the weekly poker leagues “Liga Ace” and “Liga Lucky” will not be reactivated for the rest of the year. It has been a difficult decision, but our priority

Coins are part of many rituals to attract money, but Chinese coins are especially powerful; they have a central square hole through which fortune is said to enter. Moreover, not only do they manage to bring fortune into our lives, but they also protect against bad vibrations, envy and negative emotions that can ruin our projects.

It is a ceremonial knife, which was used in ancient Peru by the Moche, Chimu and Inca cultures. It had a main role during the Inti Raymi, when the rite was celebrated at the end of the harvest period and gave thanks and worshipped the sun to give a good harvest, for the next season. Today it is