The hamsa, or "Mirian's hand" term used in the Jewish world, although also known as "Fatima's hand" by Muslims, and by Buddhism called "Abhaya Mundra" is an amulet that protects from evil by stopping it with the palm of the hand and attracts good luck.

Coins are part of many rituals to attract money, but Chinese coins are especially powerful; they have a central square hole through which fortune is said to enter. Moreover, not only do they manage to bring fortune into our lives, but they also protect against bad vibrations, envy and negative emotions that can ruin our projects.

It is a ceremonial knife, which was used in ancient Peru by the Moche, Chimu and Inca cultures. It had a main role during the Inti Raymi, when the rite was celebrated at the end of the harvest period and gave thanks and worshipped the sun to give a good harvest, for the next season. Today it is

Carp fish is a very traditional meal during Christmas and New Year's dinner in many Central European countries. In countries such as Poland and Germany there is a tradition that after dinner, a couple of scales are cut off and kept in the wallet until the next time the meeting takes place to receive prosperity and good fortune.

There is documentation of its use by the Etruscans, in the Roman Era. In countries like Italy or Turkey the "fist" is considered an offensive gesture, but in Brazil it is considered to have the capacity to capture all the good luck that its owner did not have until the moment of acquiring it.

It is a characteristic figure of the Andean altiplano, which receives tribute in Bolivia, Peru, northern Chile and Argentina, as well as in eastern Venezuela, where he is known as Don Juan del Dinero. According to historians, the legend began in the Tiahuanaco culture, Bolivia, and after the Spanish conquest it was adapted by Aymaras and Incas. It is a

And no, it doesn't really improve the luck of each person. But, instead, superstition helps to improve self-confidence and security, which leads to better performance and concentration. The rational side of good luck charms explains that they inspire confidence and self-assurance. Carrying the talisman inside the case, wallet or pocket can lead the person to success; as this significantly

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