More than just a game!

The Casino Marbella’s gaming room presents an array of exciting games, including Slots, Poker, Black Jack, and American Roulette. It caters to all preferences, providing an extensive range of options for leisure and entertainment. Step into our gaming room and immerse yourself in a world of thrilling games.


The game of poker has evolved beyond just cards, becoming a source of inspiration, admiration, and attention for those who excel at it.


Indulge in the unparalleled thrill and excitement of the classic game of Roulette. Choose from a plethora of variations and find the perfect one that suits your preferences.

Black Jack

Blackjack, gained popularity in American casinos after French settlers brought it over in 1820. Its enduring appeal continues to attract daring players seeking excitement.


Feel the adrenaline rush as the wheels come to a stop, a world full of intense emotions and sensations.

Cirsa Winner Club


Discover how to get your card and enjoy a world of advantages, leisure and fun.

Sports bettings


Experience the excitement of live sports betting at Sportium,

where you can bet in real-time and enjoy the adrenaline rush of watching the best matches on our in-room screens.

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