New weekly black jack tournament at Casino Marbella


Casino Marbella continues increasing its offer in activities by adding to its events calendar one of the most popular games at Casinos, its new weekly Black Jack tournament.

The Black Jack has always been a key point at Casino nights, this is partly due to the exciting and fast nature of the game in which luck and cunning play a fundamental role, in addition to the glamorous and attractive environment in which the game usually takes place.

In this game, also called 21, each player plays only against the dealer trying to get a better play than this one. The dealer is subject to fixed rules that prevent him from making decisions about the game. The best move is to get 21 with just two cards.

From next January 27, 2020, this new Black Jack tournament can be enjoyed every Monday at 8:00 p.m. A maximum of 14 players in 2 tables with rounds of 14 passes will compete against each other, playing one round per table simultaneously until they reach 7 qualifiers for the final round. In addition, they will take part in a quarterly league with a prize for the winners.

This new Black Jack Tournament, the weekly poker leagues with 4 tournaments a week, the daily cash poker tables, an exciting Slot Paradise together with its great gastronomic offer, make Casino Marbella an ideal place to enjoy any day of the game. week.

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