Caribbean Poker

Game Objective

Get to beat the croupier with a combination of 5-card poker. There are several winning combinations

Game rules

  • Players must make their initial bets within the minimum and maximum limits of each gaming table.
  • The croupier will begin the distribution of the cards, leaving only the last card of the bank uncovered.
  • Those who choose to “go” must double the initial bet.
  • The bank only plays if it has at least one Ace and one King, or a winning combination. If not, you will pay 1 to 1 the initial bet.
  • Players whose combination is lower than that of the croupier will lose their bets. Management may decide the admission of purchase of an additional card, in which case the player will double the initial bet.
  • The decision of the head of the table is irrevocable.
  • Once the first card of the “sabot = card dispenser” has come out, bets cannot be placed or modified.
  • It is forbidden to exchange information about the cards among the players or to discover them ahead of time.
Royal Straight Flush

Pay 100 a 1

Staircase of Color

Pay 25 a 1


Pay 20 a 1


Pay 7 a 1


Pay 5 a 1


Pay 4 a 1


Pay 3 a 1

Double couple

Pay 2 a 1


Pay at par

As King

Pay at par

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