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TAX ID: A29043064 – Carretera de Cádiz a Málaga, km. 180 – 29660 Marbella (Málaga)

DATA CONTROLLER (no. 6): CIRSA Servicios Corporativos, S.L.

TAX ID: B25421199 – Carretera de Castellar, 298 – 08226 Terrassa (Barcelona)




1. Admission and accesscontrol
  • To control admission to and monitor the premises and entrances to the premises, as well as the people on site,in accordance with the legislationapplicable in the relevant AutonomousCommunity.
  • To prevent access to minors andthose included on the register of persons barred from entering gambling establishments, as well asany other person who is barred fromentry in accordance with the regulations applicable in the relevantAutonomous Community.
  • To comply with the applicable regulations regulating access tocasinos.

You may exercise the right to object, the rightsof access, rectification, erasure, restriction,portability and the right to object, as recognisedin the GDPR and set out in our Extended DataProtection Policy in which we explain in more detail howwe process your personal data.

You may likewise object at any time to thefollowing processing operations by writing to usat the email address

  • To the pseudonymisation of data for dataanalysis performed for businessmanagement and statistical purposes;and
  • To the dispatch of non-personalisedbusiness communications foradvertising and promotional purposes.

Likewise, should you wish to clarify any doubts orrequest additional information on the processingof personal data, you may contact our Data Protection Officer by sending an email to theaddress

2. Video surveillance
  • To maintain and guarantee staff safety and the security of assets at entrancesand throughout the establishment.
3. Examination of gambling operations for the control and prevention of fraud, money laundering and the financing of terrorism.
  • To verify the Client’s identity and themethods of payment used.
  • To look into the origin of funds, and tomonitor, detect, prevent and/or reportfraudulent and/or criminal conduct if it is suspected that a fraudulent payment has been made, includingwith the use of stolen credit cards, or where there is any other suspectedfraudulent activity.
  • To keep the Casino secure.
  • To communicate as required with theExecutive Service of the Commissionfor the Prevention of MoneyLaundering and Monetary Offences.
  • To disclose to the Agencia Tributaria[Spanish Tax Administration Agency]winnings made by the Clientwhenever these reach the amountsfor which mandatory disclosure isprovided for by law.
  • To retain your personal data required in accordance with the regulations regulating the prevention of fraud, money laundering and the financingof terrorism, and any other applicableregulations, and for the establishment, exercise or defence of any legalclaims which you may bring during thelimitation period for actions brought as a consequence of the contractualrelationships entered into.
4. Pseudonymisation of data for data analysis performed for business management and statistical purposes
  • The pseudonymisation of data for thepurposes of undertaking businessanalyses and producing businessstatistics. Access to the Casino willnot imply the completion of segmentation or Client profilingactivities. We undertake statisticalanalyses solely in order to obtaineconomic values and values relatingto profitability and to the quality andimprovement of services.
  • To undertake such data processing, the Casino applies apseudonymisation process, which consists of encoding your data in such a way that you cannot be identified as a Client without the use of additional, separate information subject totechnical and organisationalmeasures intended to ensure that thepersonal data is not attributed to an identified or identifiable natural person.
5. Keeping lists registering data erasure and/or objections to the processing of data
  • To keep an up-to-date list of all thoseClients who have requested the erasure of their data or who have atany time objected to any of the data processing operations performed byus.
6. Dispatch of business communications
  • To dispatch non-personalisedbusiness communications foradvertising and promotional purposes,subject to the express consent of theClient.

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