We are currently experiencing a unique and global situation that requires our commitment and responsibility to stop the contagion curve of Covid19.

All of our usual entertainment venues are temporarily closed and we need to find incentives to help us spend our hours at home in the most entertaining way possible.

Casino Marbella proposes this fun initiative with the challenge #Quedateencasa offering a weekly contest with various questions related to leisure, gaming and gastronomy through their social networks and web.

Every day a question will be published and among those who correctly answer the 6 weekly questions, they will enter the raffle of a Tasting Menu Voucher for two people the first weekend of the Grand Opening in the Restaurant of Casino Marbella.

Finally, we want to insist that the preventive measures set by the Government and by the health authorities should be strictly followed in order to stop the contagion and the infected curve. Together we can make this crisis last less and get back to normal as soon as possible. Individual and collective responsibility is key to overcoming this situation.