Cirsa Winner Club

Welcome to the Winners Club

Cirsa Winner Club is the loyalty program of Casino Marbella where you get exclusive advantages. With your card you will get exclusive benefits such as express access, valet parking, Restaurant discounts, invitation to exclusive events, parties, exhibitions and many other surprises!

Play More, Get More

For every euro you play you will get credits that you can change for playing in our slots, access to tournaments, points multipliers, bonus and many more!


Welcome points 2.500 12.500 12.500
Birthday gift points 5.000 10.000 25.000 50.000 50.000 75.000
Club Anniversaire gift points 2.500 7.500 15.000 15.000 25.000 50.000
Upgrade gift points 5.000 12.500 12.500 25.000 50.000
Monthly bonus 5.000 10.000 18.750 18.750 37.500 62.500
Raffle participation
Permanent points Multiplier x 1.5
Points multiplier promos x 2 x 2 x 2 x 3 x 2 x 3
Friends & Bites


  • Free Access for club members
  • VIP Access without waiting
  • Valet Parking service from 21:00 hrs

VIP Access at Cirsa Spain Casinos with:

  • Free parking
  • Free entrance and VIP Access (no waiting)
  • Welcome drink
  • Playing card





Restaurant & GastroBar Casino Marbella
Basic beverages
Restaurant 15% 10% 15%
Testing Menu 5% 10% 15% * Free * Free * Free


* Free invitation once a month CWC Card holder + 1 companion

* Discounts are not cumulative with one-off promotions


  • Invitation to events at Casino Marbella
  • Exclusive access to Slot Championship
  • Invitation to the “Friends & Bites” Club Day Parties
  • Ticket management for events on the Costa del Sol

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Do you know how your CWC points work?

Do you know how your CWC points work?
The Club differentiates between Base Points and Promo Points. Base Points are the points that are accumulated by playing with the CWC card. Promo Points are those given away by the Club according to the category. The Points earned will be the sum of Base Points and Promo Points.

All points can be redeemed for credits to play in the most fun slots.

But only the Base Points are the ones that count to achieve the objectives in the promotional campaigns.

To check your points balance you can ask at the Cash or Reception Desk or ask our staff at any time.

Accumulate points to upgrade to a higher category and enjoy more benefits.

The base points you earn in your account in the last 90 days will help you level up to get bigger prizes and exclusive benefits.

Accumulated points to access the next level Welcome prize
92.307 50.000
23.076 25.000
5.784 12.500
1.731 5.000

Friends & Bites, the Club Day

Join our monthly Friends&Bites and get more prizes!

On the third Thursday of every month, we have an event for all CWC members.

Snack, points multiplier and raffle!

Collect 500 points in the 10 days before the event and enter the draw for 10 prizes!

Friends&Bites Special December

From December 1st to 15th, collect 1.000 points  and enter the draw for 10 prizes of 50.000 points!

The draw will take place on the Cristmas Party, on December 16th, at 10 p.m. in a special edition with live music, a welcome cocktail, games and many surprises.


Enjoy Club Day at our exclusive Friends&Bites parties for CWC members.

Every month, on the third Thursday from 18:00 to 20:00 hrs, we have prepared an event where you will enjoy a snack, multiplier and points draw!

To participate you only need to accumulate 500 points in your CWC account during the 10 days prior to the event. Once you have done so, enter your tickets in the box and you will be entered into a draw for 10 prizes, 5 out of 5,000 points and 5 out of 25,000 points!

The prizes are exclusively for attendees present on the day of the event.

In order to keep everyone safe during the event in the room, it is necessary to confirm attendance up to 3 days before the event.

Slot Championship

Take part in the Slot Championship!

Experience the thrill of monthly Slots Tournaments at Casino Marbella.

An exclusive event for CWC members held on the second Wednesday of every month, and a Grand Final in December with 300,000 points for the winner, second place 200,000 points and 125,000 points for third place!

Don’t miss out!

Experience the thrill of the Slots Championship every month at Casino Marbella.

An exclusive event for CWC members held on the second Wednesday, from 18:00 to 20:00 hrs. and a Grand Final in December among the finalists.

For the monthly tournaments, all you need to do is sign up on the list of participants at the Casino Reception. Entry is free for Zafiro and Diamante categories. For the rest, 300 points must be redeemed to gain entry to the tournament.

The winner of each monthly tournament will receive a bonus of 75,000 points, the runner-up 50,000 points and the third-place winner 25,000 points.

The Grand Final will be held in December and the 16 finalists will take part with the following great prizes:

300,000 points prize for the winner, second place 200,000 points and third place 125,000 points!

At the same time, a Loyalty League will run in parallel throughout the year in which the top three finalists will also win three prizes of 100,000 points, 62,500 points and 30,000 points.

Are you going to miss it?

We have a present for you!

Visit us on your birthday, the previous day or the day after, insert your card,

and collect your gift!


If you are a member of the Club and visit any of our Casinos in Spain

you can now enjoy all these advantages:
Free Parking
Free entrance
VIP access (no waiting)
Welcome drink

How can you get your card?

Request your registration form at the reception of Casino Marbella free of charge and benefit from all the advantages.
If you prefer you can also fill in this form and we will have your JADE card ready for your arrival.

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  • What are the Membership Requirements?

1. Winner Club membership is open to persons of legal age, irrespective of nationality and place of residence, who complete the programme registration form in person. They must not be on any banned or self-banned list and must have been duly registered by the reception department of Casino Marbella.
2. Casino Marbella reserves the right to accept or decline an application for registration.
3. When a customer is accepted they will receive a card with their name on it identifying them as a member of the Winner Club programme.
4. By signing the membership questionnaire the customer agrees to be sent information about the Winner Club programme. The user may choose the means by which he/she wishes to receive communications and exercise his/her rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition.
5. Winner Club members, by completing the registration form, accept that the programme may have their personal information, bearing in mind that the data will be handled confidentially, solely and exclusively by Casino Marbella.

  • How do I get points for the Club?

Every time you insert your card into the slot while playing, you will be collecting cashback points. The more you play, the more points you earn.

  • Can I lend my card and share my benefits?

The CWC card is for personal, non-transferable use and the sole responsibility of the cardholder. Points accumulated on the Winner Club card cannot be transferred to another person’s account.

  • Do the points expire?

Yes, points expire after one year. In other words, if you have not inserted your card in the last 365 days, the points assigned to that account will be lost.

  • How do I upgrade?

The loyalty programme calculates the play in the previous 90 days and the points accumulated in this period. Every time the point target of the next level is reached, you will automatically receive an information notice and the welcome bonus to the new category

  • Can I downgrade?

Yes, as long as the card has not been used in the last 365 days, the points will expire and the downgrading will be automatic.

  • Is there a cost for the Club Card?

The Winner Club card is neither a credit card, nor a debit card, nor an official identity document.

The Club card is free of charge when you join the Club. Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond categories can have up to 2 nominal cards active at the same time.

If you lose your card, please inform the lounge staff to cancel it and issue a new one.

From the third card printing onwards, the cost is €5 and can be paid in cash or with credits from the CWC account.

  • Are all points the same?

No, the Club differentiates between Base Points and Promo Points. Base Points are the points that are accumulated by playing with the CWC card. Promo Points are those given away by the club according to the category. The Points Earned will be the sum of Base Points and Promo Points.