A magical night at Casino Marbella

On the 15th of December, the traditional Casino Marbella Christmas party took place. An exclusive event that brought together more than a hundred customers who enjoyed a magical night full of surprises.

The evening began with a warm welcome, where each attendee received an exclusive Christmas gift, marking the beginning of an extraordinary gathering. In the background, live music by Vintage Experience harmonised the ambience, creating a cosy atmosphere. The carefully chosen decorations transformed the stage into a unique environment; twinkling lights, Christmas decorations and carefully chosen details made the party a true visual spectacle. The silver dress code added a touch of glamour and elegance to the occasion.

An exquisite cocktail prepared by the chef Agustín Román, in the form of small delicacies, conquered all the guests, both for its presentation and its composition. Each of the appetizers became an explosion of flavours that surprised with every bite, demonstrating, once again, the quality and avant-garde cuisine of Restaurant Casino Marbella.

The surprise of the night came from the hand of Asís Hansson. A dynamic illusionist who filled the Casino with magic, leaving all those present amazed with a live show, table by table, in which all the guests had the opportunity to participate.

The excitement reached its peak with a roulette wheel full of prizes, where all attendees participated with enthusiasm.

Casino Marbella, closed the celebration with a sense of satisfaction for being able to provide its customers with a Christmas experience that goes beyond the game, creating unforgettable memories.

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