Casino Marbella welcomes the summer surrounded by Stars

On the occasion of the unveiling of the new mural painted by Curro Leyton, Casino Marbella held a grand opening event.

At 20:30 guests were invited to discover what was behind the legendary name “The Walk of Fame“. As they entered the promenade, they discovered a cultural journey that began with the face of the sophisticated Elizabeth Taylor and ended with the figure of the extravagant Salvador Dalí, not forgetting the enigmatic Marilyn Monroe or the famous painter Pablo Picasso from Malaga. Forming a cast of artists in an impressive mural that is positioned marking the identity of the Casino.

After immortalising the moment with each of the stars, it was the attendees who became the protagonists of the first night of the summer. Each of them received, as a gift, a fan designed and personalised by the renowned artist. They were then welcomed with a glass of rosé champagne followed by an exquisite cocktail made up of delicious morsels that left no one indifferent.

At 22:00 the mysterious surprise that the Casino had in store for the guests was revealed. A raffle of 3 exclusive hand-painted sculptures by Leyton, as well as 3 tasting menus for 2 people at the Casino Marbella Restaurant. After the public’s anticipation, an innocent hand drew the ballot paper of each of the winners. Six were the lucky ones who made their way through the participants to collect their coveted prize.

As a final touch, the lively show of the two gogos, managed to raise the audience turning the Casino gardens into a crowded dance floor to the rhythm of Funky that lasted until midnight.

A mythical summer party in which the more than 150 attendees enjoyed the evening to the fullest, becoming witnesses of honour of the presentation of the now emblematic “The Walk of Fame” of Marbella.

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