Okonomiyaki, the perfect combination of Japan and the mediterrean


Casino Marbella Gastrobar continues to amaze us with its original creations, combining gastronomic trends from all over the world. Innovative cuisine with market products in a unique setting on the Costa del Sol.

Now, it is setting itself apart with a new aggressive proposal for lovers of Japanese and Mediterranean food.

Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き) is a Japanese dish consisting of mochi dough with various ingredients cooked on a griddle, commonly called “omelette”.

The word okonomiyaki is made up of the honorific O (お), konomi (好み taste) y yaki (焼き cooked on the grill), meaning “cooked (grilled) to your liking”.

Its chef, Agustín Román, gives a twist to this traditional recipe to bring it closer to Mediterranean culture and surprises us by adding ingredients such as payoyo cheese or oxtail. An explosion of contrasts to the eye and on the palate. After tasting it, the concept we have of “Japanese omelette” will never be the same again.

The menu offers the opportunity to dine more casually, but with the same quality and service as before. Fresh Mediterranean tapas, combining classic Spanish cuisine with a fusion of Hawaiian, Asian and Moroccan trends.

Casino Marbella’s dining area is open daily from 8.30pm until 2.30am and offers either a group menu, tasting menu or a la carte menu. The dining experience can also be completed with table games: poker and blackjack experiences available for the more daring groups.

Do you dare to try it?

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