Casino Marbella is full of energy with the art of Curro Leyton

Last Thursday, January 19th, Casino Marbella presented its new Artistic Mural, elaborated by the painter from Malaga, on the South façade of the Casino, becoming an obligatory stop within the Leyton’s Mural Route.

The spectacular staging did not leave indifferent the multitude of guests who were present during the event.

The inauguration began with the artist Curro Leyton and Javier Burgués, Manager of Casino Marbella, climbing the main staircase on a magenta carpet, who starred the moment with an amazing play of lights that illuminated the way to the rhythm of timbales, culminating the scene with the lighting of the Mural at the top of the staircase.

After the unveiling of the Mural, the guests went inside the Casino, where they were able to enjoy Leyton’s entire collection. 14 abstract works in which the painter shows his most energetic side, highlighting among them a piece of 4 x 2 meters with which, once again, the artist makes a nod to the great master Picasso, a painter with whom he feels very identified. To complete his cast, Curro exhibits 11 sculptures made from recycled materials. The tour begins with an imposing bear of 4 meters high, located at the main entrance of the Casino. The magnitude of the piece welcomes each guest who wishes to enjoy his collection, making it practically inevitable to immortalize the moment next to it.

During the event, the guests were able to enjoy the delights of the Chef, Agustín Román, who prepared a careful cocktail at the height of the event accompanied by the fantastic performance of a cellist who enlivened the evening.

The exhibition will be available every day, from 20:00 h. in the VIP Lounge of Casino Marbella, free of charge until March 19.

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