The Spanish Association Against Cancer, created in 1953, works constantly to help cancer patients in the fight against the disease on all fronts, with the aim that all people have the same opportunities in the face of cancer. This Association, as well as offering free palliative care in hospital and at home or psychological care to patients and their families at its headquarters in Marbella, is based at provincial and national level on three fundamental principles: supporting and accompanying the patient; carrying out prevention campaigns and promoting oncological research, being currently the private entity that allocates the most funds to cancer research. Currently, throughout Spain, the Association supports more than 1,000 researchers in 525 open projects that study the disease, for a total of 92M€, maintaining its position as the entity that gives the greatest impetus to cancer research.
This year, the Spanish Association Against Cancer is launching the campaign “Make the fight against cancer your flag” to encourage society to join the social movement and ensure that, by 2030, seven out of ten people will overcome the disease. The campaign is part of the traditional fundraising campaign to raise funds for cancer research. In Malaga, almost 200 tables have been set up by the association thanks to the collaboration of 500 volunteers.
Casino Marbella, as it has done every summer for more than 14 years, has offered its space to these volunteers who work tirelessly to raise funds. Last Thursday 12th May, a table was set up in the Casino Reception for all those who wanted to contribute to the cause. A social movement in which both the visitors and the Casino showed their closest side.
This day will be held every year on the second Thursday of May and is an opportunity for the whole of society to support people with cancer; to get involved with researchers, health workers, volunteers, psychologists and social workers; and to contribute to increasing survival.