Casino Marbella presents the most colorfull exhibition of the Costa del Sol


Casino Marbella becomes the most colorful showroom of the summer thanks to the works of Jogis Art.

Its creator, Jordi Gil Fernandez, is a plastic and experimental artist born in a small village in the Catalan Pyrenees who has been living in Marbella for years.

Jordi’s art can be found within the purest Street Art style where bright colors and neon tones unify his pop figures and iconic elements of this movement such as money, luxury brands and current references to music and fashion.

His works are characterized by the complexity of his materials and the collages he makes with them: from acrylic paint and spray paint, adding molding paste or gold leaf; his figures have a unique and crazy three-dimensionality.

A walk through the room will allow you to enjoy his very particular artisanal method of composition and creation. Undoubtedly, an extraordinary opportunity to get to know closely an avant-garde artist.

The exhibition will be open from July 12 to 18, 2021 every day from 21:00 hrs. The visit is free by downloading the previous invitation from its website

Casino Marbella is committed to responsible actions where the visitor can feel comfortable with all the security measures; and with the guarantee of its C-19 Responsible Management Certificate seal.

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