The AECC, created in 1953, works constantly to help cancer patients and fight the disease on all fronts. This non-profit association pays for treatment for people without resources, as well as offering psychological care and palliative care at home, and is the private entity that allocates the most funds to cancer research.

This year, under the slogan “#LaOtraCaradelaMoneda”, the AECC launches its annual campaign, giving visibility to other problems added to the disease that are not so visible or are not always talked about: the social and economic impact on the patient and their family.

As every summer for more than 13 years, Casino Marbella offers its space to volunteers who work tirelessly to raise funds. Last June 17th, a table was set up in the reception area of the Casino for all those visitors who wanted to contribute to the cause. The day continued to be very lively with the interaction of national and foreign visitors who contributed to the cause.

A day of solidarity in which both the clients and the Casino showed their closest side.