Casino Marbella rewards responsible drivers


 In 2019, the United Nationalities Summit in Marbella presented the pioneering project “#ZEROHERO” with the aim of promoting responsible driving on the Costa del Sol.

Alcohol is one of the most frequent risk factors involved in traffic accidents. #ZeroHero aims to raise awareness among all drivers and offer them the possibility to enjoy their leisure time in a safe way by being able to enjoy alcohol-free drinks at no cost to them.

Two years later, many local businesses have already signed up to the project by offering different alternatives to “designated” drivers. That is, those drivers who refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages in order to return to their group of friends or family safely. Establishments such as El Gaucho Banús, Kitch, or Kempinski Bahia Hotel are some of those who already trust in this responsible proposal.

In addition, the project is supported by the company Línea Directa, which offers its policyholders the service of up to 4 free taxis per month at no additional cost.

Casino Marbella joins this initiative by supporting responsible driving. The establishment offers frequent transfers and taxi service to its customers. Now it also wants to reward these “designated drivers” by offering free soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages during their visit.

“The most important thing about a memorable night is to be able to tell the story. Leisure and responsibility must go hand in hand at all times” as stated by its Commercial Director, Paula Veiga.

Initiatives like this encourage the public to discover new leisure spaces offering and promoting safe alternatives throughout the year in the city of Marbella.

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