Casino Marbella supporting Marbella’s most disadvantages families


The assembly hall of the Town Hall of Marbella (Malaga) has been the scene this Thursday 18th of March 2021 of the traditional donation by Casino Marbella of the total amount collected from its orphan chips in 2020.

An event that has been taking place since the opening of the establishment in the city in 1978, where Casino Marbella once again shows its social responsibility by collaborating with the Delegation of Social Affairs by donating the proceeds of the orphan chips for social purposes and help to the most disadvantaged families.

The establishment collects and saves the “orphan” chips that finds in the room throughout the year. That is to say, the lost tokens that are then cashed in for their real economic value and donated.

This year, the sum contributed amounts to €2,382, a more discreet figure than previous contributions, also affected by the situation throughout the year 2020.

Even so, more than €250,000 has been donated to disadvantaged groups in the city of Marbella since the beginning.

On behalf of the government team, the event was attended by the Mayor of Marbella, Ms. Mª Angeles Muñoz, the Delegate for Social Rights, Equality and Diversity, Ms. Isabel Cintado, and the Delegate for Social Policies of San Pedro de Alcántara. Representing the Casino, its Manager, its Managing Director, Mr. Javier Burgués, and the Commercial Director, Paula Veiga.

The Delegate of Social Rights thanked the help that Casino Marbella gives every year for these purposes, which in this case will go to support the initiative of the “Tarjeta Monedero” for the most disadvantaged families.

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