Casino Marbella unveils its major transformation

So far this year, Casino Marbella has undergone a spectacular image transformation, moving from its iconic black and gold design to a new identity that is much more modern, fresh and vibrant. The Casino, which continues to be an emblem of elegance in Marbella, has managed to perfectly combine the glamour that characterises it with a completely revitalised appearance, in keeping with the times and capturing the essence of the city.

The radical rebranding has been carried out through a series of strategic initiatives that have influenced every corner of the facilities, creating a completely new feel for its visitors.

As a letter of introduction, at the beginning of the year an impressive mural was unveiled on the façade of the main staircase of the Casino, where the word “CASINO” takes more prominence than ever becoming a visual representation of the new direction that Casino Marbella has taken.

At the heart of this metamorphosis and following on from the previous mural, this summer also saw the unveiling of the “Walk of Fame“. On the exterior, following the new line established, an unprecedented edition of banners and signage guide visitors towards an enigmatic gaming and entertainment experience.

Inside, the process of change continues with the refurbished slot room, where blue and magenta become the main focus of attention, creating an avant-garde and energetic atmosphere, along with the recent transformation of its interior bar, which with its bold contemporary design reflects the modernity and sophistication that now characterises Casino Marbella.

These changes have also taken centre stage in the brand’s digital environment, where Casino Marbella has made full use of the power of social media to showcase the energy and vitality of its new Lifestyle. Another important part of this new phase is the hosting of different events and art exhibitions, making the Casino the perfect place to enjoy a different kind of evening where the entertainment options are diverse, ensuring a memorable experience for visitors.

The Casino’s commitment to innovation and constant evolution ensures that the changes will not stop here, and enthusiasts can expect new and exciting surprises on the horizon, with more upgrades planned for the coming year.

This renovation marks an exciting chapter in the Casino’s history, inviting all to discover the new era of fun and excitement in the heart of Marbella.

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