Interview with the Malaga chef “Agustín Román”

Hidden in the kitchen of the emblematic Casino Marbella, the renowned chef Agustín Román has been leading the kitchen for almost 20 years. Preserving the Mediterranean essence, his creativity is reflected in each of his dishes, fusing flavours and textures that leave no room for indifference, making Restaurant Casino Marbella a must for the most select diners.


Where did you train as a chef? What was your first step in the world of gastronomy?

I acquired my “academic title as head chef” at the Escuela Convento Santo Domingo in Archidona. A place that holds very fond and beautiful memories for me. Although I have to say that, for me, all this journey, what I am today and where I am today, started in my grandmother’s kitchen, although I didn’t know it then…


How were your first steps in Casino Marbella?

For me, it was a challenge to fit young and new concepts into a traditional and consolidated cuisine such as that of the Casino Marbella restaurant. Thanks to the continuous support of Javier Burgués (manager of the Casino Marbella), the Casino has become my home.


How is your team formed?

I have a young team of 14 people between the kitchen and the cleaning staff. In a profession that in the past only had room for men, here, more than half of them are women. I have grown up with women, and that is why I support them and feel very comfortable working with them. I am very lucky to have this team.


What type of gastronomy characterises you?

Casino Marbella Restaurant welcomes a wide variety of public, from more than 130 different nationalities. Therefore, we try to have a varied, international and fun cuisine, always taking care of the quality and above all the flavour.


What is the “Malaga touch” that you give to your dishes?

Everything we do is influenced by who we are and what we have lived. As a native of Malaga, almost without realising it, everything I do has something of “my home” in it. From typical dishes such as Viña AB, to the way we make fried food, or the use of local ingredients.


What are your star dishes? Describe them.

We update the menu seasonally, and in all of them, there is always a star dish. In the current menu, gyozas and burrata are undoubtedly the stars.


What current trends do you introduce in the menu of Casino Marbella?

I like to play and make cooking an unforgettable experience for the diner. I tend to set challenges, such as trompe l’oeil (dishes that are not what they seem), mixing sweet and savoury, hot and cold, with no shortage of textures, foams and airs.


How is the experience of having worked in so many Michelin Star restaurants? Has working in these places opened interesting doors for you?

Very enriching! You learn a lot. On the one hand, the system of work, the organisation, the accuracy and perfection in each preparation and on the other, you learn the latest techniques that arise or use ingredients that you have not seen and that you would not be able to see in most restaurants. It opens your head a lot. As in any other profession, working with the best means always being prepared…

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