Motivation, participation and organisation of the sushi workshop promoted by Casino Marbella

Move, Taste, Get Excited! These are the premises of Cirsa’s new 360º Wellbeing plan.

Enjoy life with us is the slogan of an initiative whose main objective is to offer a break to take care of the workers. What does this plan consist of? It consists of an extensive programme of activities based on 3 pillars (move, enjoy and get excited), with which the company proposes different alternatives for a healthier life.
As part of this plan, the team in charge of the kitchen at Casino Marbella took part in a fun Team Bulding, in which they learned the technique of Hosomaki, Futomaki, Nigiris and Uromaki in the Sushi and Tempura course.
The workshop, held in the Guadalmina Foodroom, was run by Chef Carlos Navarro and lasted 16 hours. Two days of motivation, enthusiasm, creativity and companionship.
For daring and passionate people, such as Agustín Román (Chef of Casino Marbella), José A. Rueda (second in Kitchen) and the rest of the team: Mariam Daoudi, Marco García, Cristóbal Guerrero, Jose A. Martínez, Juan J. Paulete, Mónica Quirós and Fco. J. Roldán, have participated in this gastronomic classroom.
Motivation, participation, organisation and commitment have been common objectives, because it is not only important how the different members of the group work together but also how they complement each other and the atmosphere in the team, the working atmosphere. Casino Marbella promotes the training of employees, giving them the opportunity to develop their skills to better perform their present and future role in a relaxed and creative atmosphere.


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